One of the goals of EWCL is to provide a professional network for upcoming conservation leaders. In addition to their fellow participants and members of the EWCL Board, the EWCL Alumni Advisory Group (EWCLag) offers another opportunity for networking and mentoring for each EWCL class.

EWCLag is made up of EWCL alumni that have volunteered to support the efforts of the current EWCL class. Their first task is to reach out to incoming class members to answer any questions and provide an inside perspective on what it’s like to go through the EWCL experience. Once the current class forms project groups, EWCLag members have the opportunity join Board members as advisors on those projects. This is particularly useful as EWCLag members often have direct experience with the species the current class has chosen for their conservation campaigns, the countries where those species are found or contacts with potential funders (and sometimes they are even potential funders themselves). The EWCL Board also calls on members of EWCLag to help coordinate brownbag presentations, social media efforts as well as happy hours, outings and other fun social events. EWCLag members are also sometimes invited to revisit White Oak Conservation Center to speak at the annual EWCL meeting. For the EWCLag members, participation is a great way to stay connected with the ever-growing EWCL network.

David Mizejewski, National Wildlife Federation
Amielle DeWan, Rare
Pamela Flick, Defenders of Wildlife
Dennis Jorgensen, World Wildlife Fund
Kathryn Mannle, Rare
Claire Michael, Walt Disney Company
Joe Milmoe, US Fish & Wildlife Service
Alexandra Rothlisberger, Humane Society International
Melanie Sorensen, Minnesota Zoo
Kate Swails, US NOAA/National Marine Fisheries Service
David Tucker, Defenders of Wildlife
Michelle Benham, Discovery Channel
Natalie Bailey, African Biodiversity Collaborative Group
Sara Bushey, US Environmental Protection Agency
Julia Byrd, South Carolina Department of Natural Resources
Nikole Kadel, Innermost Essence
Kristen Lewis, Philadelphia Zoo
Susannah Smith, Wildlands Network
Melissa Krenke, Rainforest Alliance
Payal Kapoor, Tower Strategy Group
Rowena Watson, US Department of State
Nilanga Jayasinghe, Defenders of Wildlife
Noah Kahn, US Fish & Wildlife Service
Keri Parker, US Fish & Wildlife Service
Carol Rizkalla, University of South Florida
Gina Schrader, Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies
Paul Thompson, Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies