Successful candidates are selected based on their enthusiasm, skills and vision. We seek diverse candidates from non-profit organizations, foundations, federal and state governments and the private sector. Applicants should be interested in all three components of the course: Networking and career mentoring opportunities, training in leadership and wildlife conservation campaign skills, and implementing a wildlife conservation project in a team setting. Participants will be expected to devote time throughout the two-year period to designing and implementing a group wildlife conservation project Applicants should have at least three years experience in the wildlife conservation field, with at least 15 years in the profession ahead of them.

The Emerging Wildlife Conservation Leaders minimizes training costs through in-kind donations and foundation support. We expect participants to capitalize on training development support programs or staff development training opportunities provided by their organization to pay for these costs when they are available. However, your ability to contribute to course costs with organizational support WILL NOT factor into whether or not you are accepted into the program.

International applicants must show an ability to cover the cost of two flights to the United States, and must be fluent in English.

Applications are accepted every two years in October of the graduating class. Download the Application form below.


Applications for the next EWCL class will be accepted from October 1st-31st of 2023.