EWCL is a collaborative effort sponsored by the Disney Conservation FundHouston Zoo, National Geographic SocietySeaWorld & Busch Gardens Conservation FundWhite Oak Conservation, and Wildlife Conservation Network.

Additional supporters include the World Wildlife Fund and Wildlife Conservation Society.

EWCL has also benefitted from foundation and organizational support of EWCL–led conservation projects. Please see the following list of project funders.

Anonymous Donor Helmeted Hornbill Project
Brookfield Zoo AAZK Chapter Wild Dogs Project
Columbus Zoo Okapi and Bats Projects
Conservation International Amphibian Project
Disney Conservation Fund Sun Bear, Indian Turtle, Snow Leopard, Giraffe, Corals, N. American Amphibians, Grauer’s Gorilla, Helmeted Hornbill & Grizzly Bear Projects
Disney Employee Project Grant Program Tapir Project
Giving Day-Crowd Source Campaign Grauer’s Gorillas Project
GoFundMe-Crowd Source Campaign Giant Armadillo and Snow Leopard Projects
International Fund for Animal Welfare Tapir, Slow Loris, and Lion Projects
IGBC Information & Education Fund Grizzly Bear Project
John Ball Zoo Indian Turtles Project
Little Rock Zoo Sun Bear Project
Minneapolis Zoo Yellow-Headed Parrot Project
National Geographic Society Sumatran Rhino Project
Oakland Zoo Sun Bear and Lion Projects
Oregon Zoo Sun Bear Project
Phoenix Zoo Painted Dog Project
Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium Indian Turtles Project
Potawatomi & Erie Zoo, Individual Donors Painted Dogs Project
Quarters for Conservation-Brevard Zoo Clouded Leopard Project
Running Wild Media Helmeted Hornbill Project
SeaWorld Busch Gardens Conservation Fund Sun Bear, Pangolin, Indian Turtles, Giant Armadillo, Wild Dog, Monarchs, Clouded Leopard, Giraffe, Corals, N. American Amphibian, Grauer’s Gorilla, Helmetted Hornbill, Grizzly Bear, Black Rhino, White Rhino, and Greater One-horned Rhino Projects
Topeka Zoo Painted Dogs Project
Turtle Conservation Fund Tortoise Project
Ulysses Seal Fund-Minnesota Zoo Yellow-Headed Parrot Project
USFWS Wildlife Without Borders Sun & Sloth Bear Project
WWF Education for Nature Program Pangolin, Saola, Yellow-Headed Parrot, Tortoise, Slow Loris, and Helmeted Hornbill Projects