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Cara is the Zoological Supervisor for Rhinos & Hoofstock at Busch Gardens Tampa in FL, where she manages a diverse ungulate population on a 65-acre multispecies habitat and works to promote the conservation of threatened species through inspiring people to conservation action. Cara is the park’s representative for the SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Conservation Fund and manages zoological research at the Florida park. Growing up on a farm, Cara quickly learned about conservation and the importance of habitat preservation for the next generation. This concern for the environment and the need to evolve our natural resource practices led to a Biology degree, followed by an M.S. in Parks Administration with Graduate Certification in Conservation Biology from the University of Missouri—Columbia. With 15 years in the zoo field, Cara continues to promote staff development while assisting with local and global field research initiatives, including representing the SWBG Conservation Fund in South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, and locally throughout Florida.