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Angela Randazzo was born in Honduras, Central America, and has been since child fascinated by the exuberant nature and diversity of this beautiful country. At 13 years old, she discovered the coral reef in the North of Honduras. This experience made her choose marine biology as her career. She studied for 7 years in Marseille, France and she currently holds a Master degree in Marine Ecology and Biology. In 2010, she returned to Honduras and has being working developing conservation and education tools in communities of the North of Honduras (Utila and Cuero y Salado). Currently, she is working for ProTECTOR (USA NGO which aim is establishing national sea turtle conservation efforts in Honduras) in collaboration with local NGO FUCSA (which manage the wild life refuge of Cuero y Salado) and the University of CURLA in the city of La Ceiba; doing a research in marine turtles diversity, distribution and threats in the zone. Linked to her research is the development of environmental education with adults and children of the community in order to create awareness in the respect and use of natural resources.