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Feria Narcisse-Gaston works as an environmental educator attached to the Department of Forestry in St. Lucia in which she empowers individuals to take positive action towards protection and preservation of the islands natural resources. She holds an MS in Practicing Sustainable Development from the Royal Holloway University of London and a Diploma in Conservation Education form the University of Kent.

Feria is trained using the RARE Pride methodology, which inspires people to take pride in the species and habitats that make their community unique and also changing the way the communities relate to nature, while introducing practical alternatives to environmentally destructive practices. She also developed the “St. Lucia Iyanola Campaign” to save the endangered St. Lucia Iguana, a unique species of historical importance which scientists consider doomed for extinction. The objective of the Iyanola Campaign was to create protection for the threatened and endemic wildlife species occupying the North East Coast dry forest habitat using the iguana as the flagship species. The campaign also seeks to increase public environmental knowledge and to build community support and action for the conservation of endangered species population island-wide, with a focus on the Northeast coast of St. Lucia.