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Jorge Castillo, is a Panamanian with a bachelor’s degree in Biology with an emphasis on Ecology and Sustainable development and a Master’s degree in Environmental Management. He has almost six years of experience working in conservation of protected areas and natural resources by working in different NGOs all concerned with marine protected areas and species in danger of extinction. Some of these organizations include Promar Foundation, the Leatherback Trust, and also the Biodiversity National Institute (InBio).

Mr. Castillo also has an executive background in finance and accounting, experience as an administrative assistant in the United Nations in Panama, and in CEMAD, a Panamanian NGO for environmental education.

His final Master’s project was about sustainable strategies for the management of Las Baulas National Park, and he also developed field projects in RAMSAR sites in Costa Rica. His major goal is to continue working in the planning and evaluation of National Parks Management Plans, specifically those that have coastal marine ecosystems.

Jorge was part of the Environmental department of the third sets of locks project in the Panama Canal, and is currently working on his publication regarding the impacts of climate change on the Panamanian economy with the support of the Panama National University and the advice of The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.