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Natalya Lawrence serves as Coordinator for the Offshore Islands Conservation Program (OICP), based at the Environmental Awareness Group in Antigua and Barbuda. The offshore islands are home to some endangered and globally significant species of fauna and flora, including the critically endangered Antiguan Racer Snake (Alsophis antiguae) and the vulnerable West Indian Whistling Duck (Dendrocygna arborea). Natalya and her team focus on promoting the conservation of key offshore islands and their unique ecosystems through education, species monitoring, public awareness campaigns, and invasive species monitoring and control. Natalya holds a bachelor's degree in Tourism Business Administration from La Universidad del Valle de Mexico, Tabasco, Mexico. Although she is fairly new to environmental conservation, she has always been fiercely proud of her country’s natural beauty. She knew that upon her return home from university, her career focus would be on conserving Antigua’s natural heritage. Natalya's other passions include learning other languages, bird-watching, and playing the piano.