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William Garcia is the Coordinator for the Integrated Community Based Harpy Eagle and Avian Conservation project at the Belize Foundation for Research and Environmental Education (BFREE). He has been involved in bird conservation for the past five years. Mr. Garcia does not have a formal education but has received much training from some organizations involved in conservation. His training consists of participation in Internships in the USA and Belize (like a formal education). William possesses a Bander’s and Trainer’s certification in Bird banding from the North American Banding Council and also from the Institute for Bird Population. He is also involved in Environmental Education Outreach in the area where he lives. He has done many Environmental presentations to local students as well as internationally. In addition, he has been involved in Avian Research in the Maya mountains of Belize studying the population of Migratory and Resident species of birds as well as working with the Endangered Harpy Eagle (Harpy harpyja). He trains new staff about birds. He was born in a small village close to a nature reserve and has transformed himself from a hunter to a Bird Specialist.