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Alison Styring is currently the Wildlife Biologist with the Wildlife Tracking Center at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, where she is establishing and leading projects to monitoring native Florida wildlife in an 8,500 acre conservation area at Walt Disney World. Prior to working for Walt Disney World, Alison conducted her dissertation research in the lowland rainforests of Malaysia where she studied the effects of selective logging on rainforest birds. She received her Ph.D. in Biological Sciences at Louisiana State University in 2002. Although her primary expertise is in research, she has also been actively involved in education. Alison is interested in learning more about the legal, policy, and advocacy aspects of conservation, and she is looking forward to gaining a better understanding of these aspects through EWCL. She is looking forward to meeting other members of the pilot EWCL class, and she hopes to gain a more holistic understanding of wildlife conservation through this program.