Adrien Emile Ntwari

Adrien completed his Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Rwanda in 2016 and then served as a veterinary intern with Gorilla Doctors; receiving hands-on training in One Health through work on the PREDICT project. He was one of the students selected to participate in UC Davis’ Rx One Health course in the summer of 2017. He was subsequently hired by Gorilla Doctors to help with a US Embassy-funded project to improve hygiene infrastructure and practice for Volcanoes National Park staff and guests. He also had the opportunity to shadow the Rwanda Field Veterinarians on routine health checks, interventions, necropsies, and other fieldwork. In 2020, he enrolled in a Master’s degree in wildlife clinics at Makerere University in Kampala, Uganda, after which he joined the Rwanda Wildlife Conservation Association (RWCA) as a Veterinary Manager, providing veterinary care to ill or injured wildlife in national parks and protected areas across Rwanda. In 2023, he returned to Gorilla Doctors as a field veterinarian.