Ashley Roth

Ashley is an Animal Care Specialist & Point Keeper at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge caring for hoof stock and birds. She has a passion for conservation, education, and developing guest experiences. In her spare time, she reviews grant proposals for the Disney Conservation Fund; as well as, observing and tracking pollinator activity for surveys at Disney’s Pollinator Gardens. She worked closely with the leaders of the Okapi Conservation Project to develop and launch the, now worldwide, World Okapi Day.

Ashley has years of experience as an Animal Keeper at the Houston Zoo, leading conservation efforts resulting in tens of thousands of dollars in direct impact, and constant conservation volunteering.  She also served as a high-level officer on two chapters of the American Association of Zoo Keepers (AAZK). She earned a Bachelor of Science in Zoology from Michigan State University. She frequently travels to Botswana where she captures amazing wildlife photos. Steenbok and okapi are her favorite animals.