Braelei Hardt

Braelei Hardt, currently the Assistant Naturalist at the National Wildlife Federation, specializes in creating engaging wildlife conservation content and communications, ensuring the scientific accuracy and accessibility of educational materials distributed nationwide. With a Master's in Biology focusing on Evolutionary Ecology from the University of Northern Colorado, and an Honor’s Bachelor's in Wildlife Sciences from Oregon State University, Braelei's expertise spans an array of intensive biological research and statistical analysis, environmental education, and diverse fieldwork experiences. Notably, they lead student experiential ecology trips in Alaska and Colorado, emphasizing climate adaptation and science communication, and has published groundbreaking research on the evolution of acoustic communication in animals. A passionate educator and advocate for diversity in science, Braelei has developed and led numerous workshops aimed at fostering inclusivity and engagement in conservation efforts. They believe in storytelling as a powerful education tool, and are currently working to integrate conservation concepts into popular storytelling games such as Dungeons & Dragons.