Max Havelka

From a career as a wildlife biologist and a board member of conservation organizations, Max has cultivated a life around wildlife, combining his passions with volunteer and professional work. 

As a wildlife biologist, he has worked on various projects; collecting data for research, environmental impact studies and mitigation efforts. Specializing in the desert tortoise of the Mojave desert, Max found a career niche that utilizes his passion for reptiles and desert ecosystems. 

Max found further outlets for his interests as a board member of the New Mexico Herpetological Society (NMHS) and Desert Tortoise Council. Recently as President and currently the Editor for the NMHS, Max organized scientific presentations, research field trips and letter writing campaigns. As a board member of the Desert Tortoise Council Max has leveraged his field experience to continue their mission as a leader in desert tortoise conservation.

Most of all Max enjoys spending time outdoors with his wife, Deanna, and their dog Sage.