Steffanie Munguia Rodriguez1

Steffanie Munguia is a conservation and climate advocate whose passion was sparked by birds. She recently completed her doctoral dissertation at Florida International University, where her research evaluated the implementation of the Ramsar Convention, an international environmental agreement for the conservation of wetlands, in the coastal Caribbean. These sites are critical stopover habitat for migratory birds, and globally important climate regulators. Born in Puerto Rico, Steffanie's work explores the interconnectedness and intersectionality of ecosystems, global challenges, and communities. Steffanie has also dedicated much of her time to service to various environmental nonprofits, increasing engagement of youth and underrepresented groups in conservation, sustainability, and climate action. Steffanie works for Citizens’ Climate to increase college student engagement in the climate movement. She serves on the board of the National Audubon Society, is a member of the National Parks Conservation Association's Next Generation Advisory Council, and a bird bander in charge at the Cape Florida Banding Station in Miami, Florida, USA.