Zachary Dvornicky Raymond

Zack is a wildlife veterinarian and researcher currently based in Southern California. He recently served as a veterinarian for the San Diego Zoo Safari Park and was intimately involved with a multi-institutional collaborative effort to protect the California condor from highly-pathogenic avian influenza. His experience spans many taxa, sectors, and institutions, which has shaped his perspective and career goals related to conservation and One Health.

Zack has worked with the Cornell University Wildlife Health Center, Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute and Global Health Program, Santa Barbara Zoo, and UC Davis Wildlife Health Center. He has also been involved with international conservation efforts, including the Cheetah Conservation Center and Chengdu Panda Base. He earned a Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine and a Bachelor of Science in Biological Science & Animal Science from Cornell University. Following that, he completed post-graduate training programs in zoological medicine at Colorado State University and Fossil Rim Wildlife Center. Zack is dedicated to taking a transdisciplinary, One Health approach to address challenges in conservation and global health.