Zach Niswonger

Zach is the Behind-The-Scenes Experience Manager at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden, where he collaborates with a dedicated group of animal care professionals and tour staff to guide over a thousand tours annually. Apart from engaging with zoo visitors and conveying crucial conservation messages, Zach plays a pivotal role in collaborative efforts with 17 partner conservation organizations. This dynamic initiative aims to secure funding for various projects that contribute to wildlife preservation and environmental sustainability. Zach has helped provide funding for Patrol Boats in Uganda, African Penguin Incubators in South Africa, landscape restoration in eastern Nepal, and more. Zach studied Zoology at Miami University and throughout, participated in projects evaluating the effects of light pollution on nocturnally migrating warbler species and deciphering the bulk genome sequences for P. acidivorians DSM 23606 under the KMG-4 project at the Joint Genome Institute.