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Adrian Benedetti was born in Panama City, Panama and graduated from the University of Colorado in 2002 with a degree in Humanities. In 2003 he moved to Panama and obtained a job with the Peregrine Fund (PF) after volunteering to monitor released captive bread Harpy Eagles in the jungle. Shortly after that he was hired to join PF’s environmental education team which concentrated on working in rural communities where the harpies live. While getting ready to go for his Masters he received an offer to be the director at Summit Municipal Park, Panama’s National Zoo and Botanical Garden, and spearhead a project that looked to transform the under funded and basically under everythinged park into a jewel for Panama and the region. With just over a year and half on the job he has helped design and put into action an ambitious master plan, secure funding for a new Jaguar Exhibit and a new entrance, and establish training programs for both the zoo and botanical garden staff with US parks. His main goal: transform Summit into a one of a kind environmental education and conservation tool.