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Heather Wieczorek Hudenko grew up in a small town outside Lansing, MI. For her undergraduate work, she attended the University of Michigan’s School of Natural Resources and Environment and majored in resource ecology and management with specializations in behavioral ecology of predators and environmental education. After college she worked in a variety of positions and locations, exploring her interests. Some of these included: the International Wolf Center in Ely, MN, the Adventure Science Center in Nashville, TN, and a research lab at Dartmouth College where she assisted with projects on salmon restoration and ecotoxicology. She has also made her living as an apprentice baker, informal artist (silversmithing, photography) and academic tutor. Presently, Heather is pursuing a graduate degree at Cornell University where she studies the interactions between humans and coyotes in suburban landscapes. Her general research interests include: human-wildlife interactions, predator species, and wildlife conservation and management. Heather would one day like to work with an NGO where she can be involved in both research and conservation initiatives aimed at fostering human-wildlife coexistence. When she finds free time, she enjoy hiking, backcountry canoe camping, cooking, cross-country skiing, reading, and playing in the dirt in her organic garden.