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Melissa Krenke earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Conservation Biology from the University of Wisconsin–Madison, where she spent two years working on research projects with emeritus faculty members. After graduation, she worked as an Internet marketing strategist with for two years, during which time she consulted for the Rainforest Alliance to develop a marketing strategy for the Eco-Index project. Melissa joined the Rainforest Alliance’s Neotropics Communications program in 2002. As program coordinator, she manages and edits the Eco-Index, a bilingual database of more than 900 conservation projects in Latin America and the Caribbean; conducts interviews and writes articles about conservation projects for Rainforest Alliance publications; and responsible for all marketing, fundraising, and promotion of the Eco-Index. Melissa is a member of the Western Hemisphere Migratory Species Initiative and is happy to be a part of the 2007-2008 Emerging Wildlife Conservation Leaders class.