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As Conservation and Environmental Sustainability Representative for Walt Disney Parks and Resorts (WDP&R), Claire Michael manages the administration of the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund, the multi-million dollar conservation granting arm of The Walt Disney Company. Claire started working for Disney in 2005 at The Seas at Epcot as a Conservation Educator and Coordinator, developing and facilitating school group programs aimed at ocean conservation, sustainable practices and career development. She continued to expand her role, working as an instructor for both the scuba and dolphin guest programs and participating on the Marine Review Committee for the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund.

In 2006, Claire transferred to a position working for Conservation Initiatives for Walt Disney World Public Affairs, which has grown into the position she now holds with WDP&R. In Claire’s current role her responsibilities include the administration, communications, fundraising, marketing and development related to the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund (DWCF).

Prior to joining Disney, Claire worked with Global Vision International to establish a Social Ecology Program for the smallest of South Africa’s National Parks, Bontebok National Park. As a People and Conservation Officer for the park, Claire’s responsibilities included conservation education program development and implementation, park communications and marketing, community forum organization and the development of a business plan for the Social Ecology Department. She also spent a month while in South Africa studying ecology, tracking, survival and advanced rifle handling to achieve the THETA Field Ranger I certification.

Claire is a graduate of the University of Maryland with a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Science and Policy with a specialization in Wildlife Resources and Conservation.