David Deballan

David Daballen is a field officer with Save The Elephants and is in charge of Long Term Monitoring. This involves extensive recognition of individual elephants within our study area of Samburu, Kenya. Before joining STE full-time, David worked with Kenya Wildlife Service for two years on internship capacity. He was born in Northern Kenya, one of the most remote parts of the country. He received first class honor at the College of Wildlife Management in Tanzania. Since then he did a scientific paper on Samburu and Buffalo Demographics (in the African Journal of Ecology as a second author). He was then featured in an article on Samburu’s elephants in National Geographic Magazine’s September 2008 issue, and finally David was one of the core presenters in the recent and famous BBC film Secret Life of Elephants (January 2009). When the opportunity arises he enjoys taking risks in following elephants on foot for long distances to learn more about there daily lives.