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Brandon Speeg works for White Oak Conservation Center in northeast Florida as the antelope section leader, managing the animal husbandry of nine endangered ungulate species. At White Oak, Brandon works to sustain these rare species through breeding, research, education, training, and field programs. In 2010, Brandon was a member of a team that developed a new method for artificial insemination, and White Oak became the first facility to produce gerenuk calves by this process. Before he came to White Oak, Brandon worked as an animal specialist at the Wilds, a conservation facility in southeastern Ohio. At the Wilds, Brandon developed the first ethogram for the takin, an endangered antelope species native to China. He and his collaborators used this ethogram to implement a behavioral and ecological study of takin in their range state. Brandon has an undergraduate degree in biology from Bowling Green State University, and a Master’s degree from Wright State University in biology. While at Wright State he helped lead an ecotoxicology field project examining the effects of organochlorine pollutants on the immune systems of piscivorous birds in New York harbor. Brandon lives in southeast Georgia with his wife and two young sons.