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Tricia Dees has loved animals for as long as I can remember, and knew that I would end up working with them as well as being an advocate for all species. I started volunteering at the Texas State Aquarium in 1992 as a volunteer guide. In high school I shifted to volunteering with the rescue and rehabilitation team where we took in sick and injured shorebirds and raptors. I have also volunteered at the South Plains Wildlife Rehabilitation Center (SPWRC) in Lubbock, Texas, and Last Chance Forever Bird of Prey Conservancy in San Antonio. I have interned at two facilities: the SPWRC and the Keahou Bird Conservation Center in Volcano, Hawaii. I earned a degree in zoology with a chemistry minor from Texas Tech University. After graduation, I began working at SeaWorld San Antonio. I have been diving with sharks, cleaned up after penguins, performed in shows, and trained behaviors with cetaceans, pinnipeds, parrots, and the species in between. One of my greatest passions lies with our lesser known non-profit side, the SeaWorld and Busch Gardens Conservation Fund. I serve as our park’s Fund Ambassador, making sure team members and guests both know the Fund exists and that its focus is on sustainable solutions to wildlife in peril with an emphasis on local communities getting involved in the cause. I look forward to learning from my classmates and leaders on how we can continue actively helping wildlife in our backyard and around the world.