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Daniel Brizuela grew up in the tropical forests of southeastern Mexico surrounded not only by the wonders of the natural world, but also by the deforestation and habitat destruction that has occurred in the name of economic development. Since then he has had a passion for environmental conservation- both in making a case for protecting the planet's natural resources, as well as seeking the coexistence of nature and human progress. He is a Program Officer at the World Wildlife Fund, working on sustainable Agriculture and helping corporations identify environmental and social impacts of the production of the Agricultural commodities in their supply chains. He recently received a Master's degree in Conservation Biology and Sustainable Development from the University of Maryland. He also has Bachelor's degrees in Wildlife Biology and Photojournalism from the University of Wyoming. Daniel has a wide range of skills and experiences, ranging from being an environmental educator in Hawaii, to doing field research with Ocelots and Coyotes in Western Mexico, to web design and programming (in cyberspace). He is particularly interested in the intersection of science, technology and communications and how these tools can be most effectively applied in the realm of biodiversity conservation.