David Moen

David Moen has worked in avian monitoring and environmental education since 1998. Among other projects, David has assisted with Sage Grouse monitoring in Oregon and Aplomado Falcon recovery in Texas. David has been actively engaged in California Condor research and management since 2002, when he joined Ventana Wildlife Society as an intern. His interest in Condors developed into a graduate degree program at Portland State University focusing on condor restoration. He conducted the first California Condor habitat assessments in the Pacific Northwest and designed research methods to search for former nesting sites in Oregon.  During that time, David partnered with the Oregon Zoo, providing tours of the condor breeding facility and outreach presentations to over 2,500 people. David rejoined Ventana Wildlife Society's Species Recovery Program in 2011 after an internship with Santa Barbara Zoo, during which he further developed condor field experience by assisting with nest entries, field observations, and condor trap-ups.