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Jerenimo Lepirei was born in Archer’s Post, northern Kenya. Growing up immediately outside of a protected area and having witnessed human-wildlife conflict within his community, he became interested in wildlife from an early age, especially the potential to solve conflicts and promote the coexistence of humans and wildlife. He first became involved in conservation as a research assistant for EwasoLions, where he helped to identify lions individually in the greater Samburu ecosystem.He expanded his interest in individual-based research as an assistant for the Reticulated Giraffe Project, where he collected demographic census data on the population within Samburu National Reserve. He is currently a research assistant at Save the Elephants, where he has worked for the last five years conducting long-term individual-based monitoring of the African elephant subpopulation that uses Samburu and Buffalo Springs National Reserves. Jerenimo is always happy to get any opportunity to serve wildlife and is firmly committed to a career in conservation through research and collaboration.