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Lela Stanley is the Regional Development Officer in Conservation International's Asia-Pacific Field Division. At CI, she works with country programs including New Caledonia, Cambodia, and Papua New Guinea on strategic development; fundraising and donor management with bilateral, multilateral, foundation, and individual partners; and provides writing and managerial support. Lela also supports CI's engagement in the Pacific Oceanscape, the world's largest multinational integrated ocean and islands conservation and management initiative, spearheaded by leaders of Pacific Island nations and territories. Before joining CI in 2006, Lela worked on plant ecology and ornithology research projects in Panama, various U.S. states, and the Bay of Fundy, Canada, and studied tropical plant biology and ethnobotany in Ecuador. She currently volunteers with City Wildlife's Lights Out program, in Washington, DC. Lela holds a B.A. in biology from Bowdoin College and is a keen photographer.