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Agostinho developed his interest for nature during his childhood in Tete Province, central Mozambique, when he used to help his grandfather collect wood in the forest for his carving work. His grandfather taught him that it is important to look after the forest properly for it produces wood over a long period of time. Agostinho obtained his Honours Degree in Forestry Engineering from Eduardo Mondlane University, Maputo, in 2005. In 2006 he started working for the Management Authority of Niassa National Reserve (SGDRN). While working for Niassa National Reserve (NNR) he started collaborating with the Niassa Carnivore Project implementing the Monitoring Oriented Management System (MOMS) in some villages of NNR. Later Agostinho assisted NCP with conservation activities that included lion and hyena call up surveys, lion and leopard capture and radio collaring, trophy monitoring of lions, hyena and leopards; camera trapping of leopards, human carnivore conflict interviews across the reserve and use of living fences to prevent human carnivore conflict. In 2012 he was awarded his MSc in Zoology by the University of Kwazulu Natal in South Africa for his thesis entitled "" The sustainability of leopard sport hunting in Niassa National Reserve Mozambique". Agostinho has worked as the Conservation Manager of NCP based in the field in Niassa Reserve. At the same time he is pursuing his PhD on Bushmeat snaring and consumption in NNR.