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Chelsea grew up in sunny San Diego. She often spent her time chasing lizards and snakes in the back yard or snorkeling in the local kelp forest. From a young age she was introduced to hunting and fishing, hobbies she still has today. In 2009 she graduated from University of California Davis with a degree in Animal Science, she had spent four years learning and helping with ranching and agricultural development. With a promising career as a vet ahead of her, Chelsea switched gears towards conservation. Her parents had often taken her to the local zoo as a kid and wildlife documentaries were always on the television growing up. This passion for wildlife and conservation never left her and she saw a unique opportunity to use all her skills and knowledge to make a difference. After graduating from college she went looking for opportunities to work with a wildlife organization that had the same values that she did. A place that saw that all interest; ranching, hunting and conservation, could live together and even benefit from one another. In 2009 she became an intern for the California Wolf Center, an organization that prides itself on coexistence. She left for a short time to work at a large cat rescue before returning to the wolf center in 2010 and has worked with them as Animal Curator ever since.