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CT is the Assistant Stranding Coordinator for the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) Marine Mammal Rescue and Research Program and is based at their international headquarters on Cape Cod, MA. CT helps lead a team of highly skilled field biologists in response and rescue efforts for stranded dolphins, seals, and whales. His primary interests are in the health, physiology, ecology, and conservation of marine mammals and how they are affected by a constantly changing marine ecosystem. With over a decade of field experience working with marine mammals, his skills include clinical health assessment, satellite tagging and post-release tracking, disentanglement from marine debris and fishing gear, and diagnostic necropsies. He was also part of an international response team deployed to Madagascar to investigate an unusual mortality event caused by acoustic disturbances from oil and gas exploration, which resulted in a high number of stranded dolphins. Previously he worked on sea turtle mortality research as well as marine mammal stranding response for the Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center.