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Megan is passionate about translating conservation science into action for land managers and policy makers. She is the National Collection Curator for Seeds of Success (SOS), a native seed collection partnership led by the Bureau of Land Management. She supports native seed collection teams, manages and analyzes collections data, provides guidance regarding the SOS Technical Protocol and works with Bureau of Land Management botanists to prioritize collections. She teaches seed collection training courses each spring and is the content developer for the SOS website and outreach materials. Megan has represented Seeds of Success at multiple national and international conferences and is committed to working on conservation partnerships that elevate the status of plants, especially those native species that fill key roles for wildlife, humans and ecological communities. Prior to joining SOS, Megan worked for The Land Conservancy of New Jersey, Center for Plant Conservation and with the Elders' Circle of the Plant Conservation Alliance Medicinal Plant Working Group. One of her most formative experiences was an apprenticeship with the United Plant Savers at their botanical sanctuary in southeastern Ohio, her home state.