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Murthy is a conservation biologist working with the Eastern Ghats Wildlife Society for community-based conservation of endangered species in the Eastern Ghats hill ranges and coastal areas of South India. He holds a masters degree in zoology and has been actively involved in organizing diverse programs to raise awareness on wildlife conservation to varied target groups including state government forest departments and grade schools in cities and villages. After working as a zoo biologist and education officer, he successfully conceptualized, designed and developed several wildlife education and interpretation centres across India in collaboration with local wildlife authorities. He is passionate about conserving the endangered fauna of Eastern Ghats and coastal South India, which to date have been largely neglected by the government, researchers and conservationists. Over the last decade, Murthy has also extensively travelled and conducted reconnaissance surveys on birds, sea turtles, snakes, and Asiatic wild dogs in his native state of Andhra Pradesh in India. Murthy is currently working on community-based conservation of the endangered fishing cats and their habitat along the east coast of Andhra Pradesh.