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Robert Mraz has a diverse background, ranging from prior military service to working with countless large and small wildlife species as a nature interpreter and as a conservation expert. After completing a tour of duty in the United States Navy serving onboard a nuclear powered submarine, Robert has resumed his collegiate studies as a biological sciences major at the University of California at San Diego. At SeaWorld California, Robert works as a wildlife conservation professional, dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and return to the wild of numerous marine mammals in need of a second chance at life. At the Living Coast Discovery center, a small nature interpretative center in Chula Vista, California, Robert has worked with a variety of native species of raptors and marsh birds, one of which being the endangered Light-Footed Ridgeway's Rail, and has taught wildlife and natural resource conservation through education and up-close animal encounters. Robert is a highly motivated, experienced, and dedicated wildlife conservation expert, a skilled communicator, and is self-motivated with high energy, initiative and focus.