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Clarice is a lead wildlife specialist at White Oak Conservation Foundation where she specializes in conservation breeding programs for three species of rhino and critically endangered equine, in addition to managing imperiled antelope and gazelle species. She has worked with South-East Zoo Alliance for Reproduction & Conservation performing hormone analysis of various exotic species and has co-authored a study involving the critically endangered Blue-billed Curassow. Additionally, Clarice has participated in White Oak’s Mississippi Sandhill Crane program releasing captive hatched Mississippi Sandhill Cranes into their native habitat in Mississippi. Clarice grew up spending summers and breaks at her family owned and operated Southwick’s Zoo in Massachusetts. She received her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Vermont majoring in Animal Science, where a study abroad program in South Africa ultimately led to her passion and career in wildlife. Clarice is an active member of the International Rhino Keepers Association and enjoys connecting with colleagues on conservation topics.