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Jeff is the Field Conservation Coordinator at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  He grew up in Colorado where he earned both his associate’s and bachelor’s degrees while working as an animal keeper at CMZ starting in 1999.  After volunteering for a field project in Madagascar he changed his major from biology to anthropology as he learned that wildlife conservation is more about how humans interact with wildlife and not solely about animals.   He wanted to better understand human culture and behavior in hopes to positively improve our coexistence with animals and their habitat.   Since 2008, Jeff has been involved with the zoo’s Quarters for Conservation program.   He hopes to share the significance and possibilities of this program with other zoos, aquariums and field conservation partners.  Jeff has a strong interest in amphibian conservation and has volunteered for the Panama Amphibian Rescue and Conservation Project.  He has helped bring the last of some species into assurance care for future generations in addition to some husbandry construction needs.  He is actively involved at CMZ in the breeding and reintroduction programs of black footed ferrets and Wyoming toads. In 2013 he initiated a headstart program with Wyoming toads to overcome the lifestage hurdles of tadpoles and have more reproductive adults released into the wild.