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Indah is the Biodiversity Coordinator at Yayasan Planet Indonesia based in Pontianak, Borneo. Indah specializes in field research and conservation relating to Bornean avian vocalizations, hornbill biology and herpetology. In addition, Indah also serves as project coordinator for the International field course with Tanjungpura University (Indonesia) and University of Exeter (England). The program focuses on Bornean rainforest biodiversity and community empowerment in rural areas. Previously, she worked on community-based conservation issues in coastal areas with a focus on replanting degraded areas in West Kalimantan. Indah is originally from a rural area in Borneo where it is rare for women to partake in conservation fieldwork but her passion has led her to work in conservation and she is ultimately committed to continue. Indah studied Forestry at Tanjungpura University based in West Kalimantan, Indonesia. She enjoys hiking, camping, and any form of outdoor activity.