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Katie is the Content Producer with Bat Conservation International (BCI) in Washington, D.C. Hailing from the vast wilds of New Jersey, Katie has always possessed a keen interest in the natural world. She holds a Master of Fine Arts in Science and Natural History Filmmaking, a Bachelor of Science in Geology, and possesses a diverse background in environmental media production. With BCI, Katie leverages her cross-disciplinary approach to produce engaging print and digital content to communicate the organization’s conservation initiatives. She also serves as the editor of Bats magazine, BCI’s flagship membership publication. She has worked with organizations like the National Science Foundation, the Bureau of Land Management, the U.S. Geologic Survey, as well as distribution outlets such as CuriosityStream, National Geographic WILD, PBS, and other online and print media platforms. Katie believes that engaging visuals, meaningful narratives - and a dash of humor - are key to opening audiences' minds to new concepts and inspiring action.