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Ashan is a wildlife conservationist from Central hills, Sri Lanka focusing on carnivores, especially small wild cats. Ashan started working towards his passion at a very young age, by starting his own project in 2013 to mitigate road side deaths of fishing cats using road signs in central Hills. In 2017 he co-founded the Small Cat Advocacy & Research (SCAR) Nonprofit organization with aim to conserve and conduct research of underrepresented small wild cats in the region. He is currently engaged in his postgraduate studies at University of Chinese Academy of Science while working as a Carnivore conservation Director at SCAR. He strongly believed that community-based conservation, threat reduction and education can save small wild cats for future generations. Ashan works with the local communities in central and north-central Sri Lanka while managing various projects and monitoring human-wild cat conflict along with the threat’s effects to small wild cats. He collaborates with government facilities and many stakeholders to rehabilitate orphan and wounded kittens back to wild, while conducting numerous trainings, workshops, youth camps, awareness programs to strengthen up the young minds in the universities and schools around the country.