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Deo is a wildlife veterinarian and the Senior Program Manager at Rwanda Wildlife Conservation Association (RWCA). He started working with RWCA as the organization was being established, and he has taken a key role in ending the illegal trade of endangered Grey Crowned Cranes in Rwanda and as a result, the population has doubled. RWCA applies home-grown solutions to restore and protect wildlife and wild places. Deo currently coordinates all the conservation projects, which have now expanded to other threatened and endangered wildlife in Rwanda, involving veterinary assistance, wildlife monitoring, habitat restoration and extensive community work. Deo’s first job was in a small animal clinic and devoted his efforts to save animals, but his dream was to work in conservation and find solutions to human-wildlife conflict. Deo completed his Bachelor’s degree in Veterinary Medicine in 2015 from the University of Rwanda and is currently completing his Master’s degree in Public Health in the option of epidemiology at Mount Kenya University.