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Born and raised in Galápagos, Lady has always been interested in nature conservation, as inspired by her father. Lady has been working for EPI since 2012—first assisting the Program Manager, then in 2014 becoming the Alumni and Outreach Coordinator. Currently, Lady is the Galapagos Program Coordinator. Lady's work inspiring conservation leadership through EPI's Mola Mola Eco Club helped her win the Houston Zoo 2017 Wildlife Warrior Award. Through her work at EPI, she helps local youth take an active role in Galapagos conservation efforts, understand what their impact on the Galapagos ecosystem is, and why it is so important to preserve it for current and future generations. Prior to EPI, Lady graduated in 2009 with a Bachelor of Biology from Catholic University in Quito. Then joined a bi-national master in nature conservation between Germany and New Zealand. This opportunity allowed her to get involved in different international conservation projects, from mastering laboratory techniques to help discover an extinct giant tortoise species with a group of researchers from YALE University, to being part of a sea turtle monitoring program as a junior researcher. My aim is to be a leader and professional trainer in conservation actions to build capacity among conservationists and educators from Galapagos islands.