Conch Team

C-EWCL Conch Team

  • Jamal Galves, Belize
  • Renée J. Gift, Trinidad & Tobago
  • S.K. Natalya Lawrence, Antigua & Barbuda
  • Andrés Jimenez Monge, Costa Rica

C-EWCL Conch


The Caribbean Emerging Wildlife Conservation Leaders (CEWCL) teamed with the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) to address the threat of illegal wildlife trade in the Caribbean. The CEWCL team worked from 2011-2014 to provide support to the overall effort to improve awareness and detection of illegally traded wildlife from the Caribbean. The focus of the project centered on the education and help of Frontline Border Patrol Agents, Customs Officers, and the Coast Guard. The CEWCL group created a draft of a species guide to assist with identifying illegally traded wildlife and their products within the Caribbean with specific attention to species identified in IFAW’s “Caribbean Community Needs Assessment Report.”


The group designed and produced a draft of the species list guide and provided sample pages with tables detailing the species specific common name, CITES listing, IUCN listing, commonly traded forms, handling information, and additional photos. Customs Agents evaluations will directly contribute to the final draft of the guide which will be reviewed by Advisors and Wildlife Services. Final versions of the guide will be printed and distributed to Frontline Border Patrol Agents, Customs Officers, and the Coast Guard.


First draft of proposed species guide list