Yellow-Headed Parrot Team

  • Nav Dayanand
  • Matthew Kirby
  • Eliot Levine
  • Melanie Sorensen
  • Heather Wieczorek Hudenko
  • David Tucker
  • Michelle Williams


The yellow-headed parrot group worked to help conserve this species in the Rio Bravo Conservation area in Belize. Through a partnership with Programme for Belize, the team provided concrete support and long-term capacity building on-the-ground, while conducting outreach to both local communities and international stakeholders.

Through fundraising and solicitation of in-kind donations, this group provided: training for park rangers combating illegal trade, funding for additional rangers, organizational assistance for a GIS training course, climbing and safety equipment and outreach materials. This group also captured the first-known footage of yellow-headed parrot chicks in the wild, which they used to produce a short film identifying the conservation crisis facing the species.

Website developed to bring awareness for the campaign.

Help with the printing cost of an educational poster disturbed to various school around the area of Rio Bravo.

One of the ground-breaking achievements of this group was capturing the first-known footage of yellow-headed parrot chicks in the wild, which was utilized to produce a four-minute informational video identifying the conservation crisis facing the species

If you or someone you know is thinking about purchasing and owning a yellow-headed parrot or other exotic bird, please ensure that the bird being purchased is both captive bred and raised in the United States. Be sure to ask the person or company you’re purchasing from to provide the proper documentation that shows the bird wasn’t wild caught and that it wasn’t imported from another country. This is the best way to provide protection to the yellow-headed parrot and other exotic birds, as it eliminates the demand for wild caught birds while also ensuring birds weren’t illegally smuggled into the U.S.